About Presentis

The Presentis Vision

The Presentis vision is to create healthier, more engaged and positive workplaces through the implementation of mindfulness meditation. We do this by elevating the inner skills and leadership skills of professionals, so they feel inspired and transformed, achieving the best version of themselves, at work and in life.

The Presentis Coach

Working as a consulting engineer for many years, Roberta is familiar with the constant pressure professionals are under every day. Maintaining peak performance, concentration and motivation in such a high stress environment are just some of the challenges that we professionals face daily.

Having experienced first-hand the benefits mindfulness had for herself after years of practice, Roberta went on to become a qualified Mindfulness Coach and developed a series of programs so that your organisation can better connect with your teams, improve efficiency, enhance your leadership skills and efficiently manage stress.


Billion dollars that workplace stress is costing Australian economy per year


Billion dollars stress related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing Australian employers per year


Days per worker lost each year through workplace stress

The Human Centric Way

Roberta is passionate about a more human centric way of doing business, where people and their development really come first. She has taken this passion and directed her energy into her training programs which can be delivered in person at your workplace, via online workshops, and at your own pace with the online courses option. Our coach truly believes in changing the workplaces from the inside out. Change always starts within ourselves.

When not Coaching..

When Roberta is not coaching, you will find her playing with her son Magnus, taking the family dog Poncho for a walk or spending quality time with her husband Mike.


In addition to her daily meditation practice, Roberta enjoys good coffee, practicing Yoga and dancing Argentinian tango.

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